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In the Freelance Toolbox you'll find recommendations of tried and tested software that can aid with all aspects of your business.

From building a freelance website, to managing tasks. Get the right tools for the job!
tools and software recommendations for freelancers
(For transparency: Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend things myself or a trusted source has tried and tested.)

My Favourite Tools


Help with structure for blogs and use competitor analysis to guide you on optimising blogs for SEO. Ai features. Low cost lifetime deal.
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Thrive Cart

This is fantastic for creating sales checkouts for digital & physical products. AND it includes a FREE course building platform.
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Create an online quiz to get more leads into your business. Easy set up, AI assisted if needed. These make fantastic lead magnets!
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Tried and tested for you

Full Scope Freelancer

All-in-one freelance business tool. Manage contacts, pipeline, communities, website, courses, invoices, contracts, and more!
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Website & Landing Page Builders


Quick and easy website builder, allows you to build a personalised website in minutes from just a few questions.
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Easy builder, great for those with no website experience. Monthly or annual subscription.
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Very reasonably priced, pre-built and customisable templates. Everything you need in one place. 
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Email Marketing Tools


Easy to use, drag and drop email builder, landing pages, & automations. Price grows with your list.
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Email, automation, forms and landing pages. Opportunities to earn money as a creator and monetise your audience.
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Newsletters, automations, and landing pages. Good price and easy to use. Builds websites too!
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Crms & Pipelines


Track leads & sales. Set tasks to projects & clients. Plan time & workflow. Can do plenty with the free version!
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A CRM with lots of tools to help you connect your marketing and sales.
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Customisable workflow management. Easy collaboration with teams and clients.
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Task Management


Simple task setting, subtasks, links to documents, calendar views for content planning and project management.
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Drag and drop organiser, task planner, and project management tool. Easy to use and colourful.
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Templates and customisable pages, planners, notetaking. Ai feature aids with ideas creation.
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Daily Tools


Beautiful design templates and totally customisable. Create all your graphics for social media. Monthly subscription.
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Video calling and conferencing made easy. Meet with clients and contacts face to face all over the world.
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Allow people to book time with you in your calendar. Set own availability. Easy booking for clients.
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