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6th February 2024

Is AI Going to Replace Copywriters? A Human Copywriter’s Perspective.

The Role of AI in the Future of Copywriting (Will AI Replace Copywriters?!)

As a copywriter deeply entrenched in the fabric of content creation, spending my days trying to create compelling content, I’ve watched the rise of artificial intelligence with a keen eye. (OK, I admit a rather panicked eye at first!)

The question I often encounter is: “Will AI replace copywriters?” It’s a concern that resonates with many in our field, from copywriters to content writers, whether they specialise in ad copy, blogs, or social media posts.

Some copywriters and content creators are choosing to ignore AI technology completely, refusing to go near AI-generated content, and I understand where they are coming from.

However, AI software is only going to get better, so my take on this is that if you don’t want to be replaced by AI, you should try to understand and embrace it. 

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Can AI Copywriting Tools Replace Human Creativity?

The emergence of AI writing tools has undoubtedly transformed how we create content. As a human copywriter, I’ve been interested to see whether these tools could replicate the nuanced storytelling and emotional depth we bring to our work. 

While AI tools like ChatGPT are impressive, they lack the human emotion that is often the heartbeat of compelling content. I’ve yet to see AI produce high-quality content without the need for human input. 

AI Writing Tools and the Human Touch

In the realm of content writing, the human touch is what breathes life into words. AI writing tools work under the guidance of their human counterparts. They can produce a piece of content, but it’s the human writer who sculpts it into high-quality content that connects with the audience.

Even the most advanced AI copywriting software, like Jasper AI, recognises the irreplaceable value of a human copywriter. In a recent interview, Austin Distel, CMO of Jasper AI, aptly remarked that “AI is a tool, not a takeover.” This sentiment is further evidenced by the fact that Jasper AI itself hires copywriters.

This is a testament to the notion that while AI can augment the copywriting process, the insight, intuition, and creative flair of a human copywriter are what truly bring copy to life.

Why Even AI Companies Employ Human Copywriters

The decision by Jasper AI to employ human copywriters alongside their AI tools underscores a critical point: AI is not here to replace us but to assist us. It’s a powerful endorsement of human skills and creativity, which AI attempts to emulate but cannot fully replicate.

As a professional copywriter, I find this both reassuring and affirming. It clearly indicates that the nuanced art of copywriting still requires a human touch – one that understands the brand’s voice, the subtleties of language, and the emotional triggers of the intended audience.

The Benefits of AI in Crafting First Drafts

There’s no denying the benefits of AI copywriting. These tools can generate content swiftly, providing a foundation upon which a good copywriter can build. For generating ideas and piecing together a basic text, AI can be a significant time-saver.

However, when it comes to creating content that resonates on a human level, the AI tool serves as a starting point rather than a finisher.

I myself use AI writing tools. Not for complete copy and content creation but for ideas, inspiration, and motivation. With the right AI prompts, AI can produce some helpful stuff, even if you refuse to use it to write content.  

Is AI Going to Replace Copywriters?

AI Content Generators vs Human Copywriters

As an AI content generator can churn out content, it’s the human copywriter who infuses natural language processing with creativity and empathy.

The future of copywriting isn’t about replacing human writers but rather leveraging AI to enhance our innate capabilities. It’s even generating new roles of AI copywriters and AI prompt engineers

It can be a helpful tool for generating content ideas, but copywriters and content writers will still be needed if we don’t want to live in a world of uninspired and lifeless content. 

Will AI Take Over Content Creation Completely?

AI is changing how we work, but the notion that AI will completely replace content writers is far-fetched. AI copywriting software has its place, but it can’t replace the strategic thinking and emotional intelligence of a human copywriter.

Content generated by AI lacks the personal touch that only a human can provide. You can often spot when something has been written by an AI and not had any human input. I think the more people notice this, the more they will crave good copywriting! 

The Unlikely Prospect of AI Replacing Copywriters Entirely

It’s unlikely that AI will completely replace copywriters. The nuances of good copywriting—understanding the audience, crafting marketing copy that persuades, and creating compelling content—are still best handled by humans.

AI in copywriting is a tool to be used, not a threat to be feared. However, I believe we need to adapt and use AI to help make our processes quicker and simpler. It can’t fully replace human activity, but it can aid it. 

Using AI Copywriting Tools to Your Advantage

As a content creator, I see AI as changing the landscape, not overtaking it. Using AI copywriting tools can help us produce more content, but it’s our human expertise that turns it into something meaningful and effective.

One of my favourite tools, which uses AI technology, is NeuronWriter for writing competitively SEO-optimised blogs. You can find out more about this in my video here.

AI algorithms can suggest, but they can’t empathise. When clients have used AI to write copy, I often get asked to go in and improve it. This is more prominent when they’ve merged AI copywriting and longer forms of content. 

Blogs completely written by AI are often factually incorrect or take a while tangent along the way. I believe it’s this reason why AI won’t replace copywriters and content creators. 

The Power of AI and Human Copywriters Working Together

The power of AI in content marketing is undeniable, but it’s the collaboration with human copywriters that creates the magic.

AI can help with the heavy lifting of data processing and initial drafts, but it’s the human copywriter who elevates the content to something that truly engages.

Artificial intelligence in copywriting is here, and it is changing the playing field, so I suggest you try out some AI writing tools and become familiar with them. After all, know thy enemy! 

From a freelance business perspective, AI could be your best ally. Use it to help you build and grow your business – you might find my article on How To Grow Your Freelance Business Using AI helpful. 

Embracing the Future of Copywriting with AI as Our Ally

While AI is transforming the way we approach content creation, AI isn’t going to replace human copywriters. The emotional depth, understanding of human psychology, and creative flair we bring to the table are irreplaceable.

AI is a powerful tool, but it’s just that—a tool. It’s our human touch that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary in the world of copywriting.

Don’t waste time being concerned about AI. Use it to your advantage. Copywriters need to embrace this technology rather than bury their heads and ignore it. 

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