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REVIEW: Full Scope Freelancer The All-in-One Freelance Business Tool

I was invited to explore Full Scope Freelancer, a platform that promotes itself as “Your All-In-One Freelance Business Tool”.

Having freelanced for several years, I’m always on the lookout for tools that simplify and enhance my business. I’m also a self-confessed software geek. If I could get paid to play with tools such as CRMs and task management systems all day, I would be very happy!

Just to note, Full Scope Freelancer hasn’t paid me to do this review! But they have given me a link so you can get an extended 30-day free trial, rather than their standard 2 weeks! Winner!

So, let’s delve into whether Full Scope Freelancer lives up to its promise. Watch the video review above or continue on…

First Impressions of Full Scope Freelancer

My first impression of Full Scope Freelancer was its comprehensive dashboard. It’s a central hub for all business activities, from tracking opportunities and conversion rates to integrating analytics and ads.

I think this is a great way to keep track of everything going on in your business; plus, you can customise your dashboards so, for example, you could have a dashboard dedicated to task management.

Full Scope Freelancer Dashboard
Keep track of your business with customisable dashboards

What stands out is the platform’s integration capabilities. It syncs with calendars for appointments, manages contacts, and even includes WhatsApp messaging.

The automation features, like birthday messages and workflow triggers, will be fantastic for automating your client onboarding. It even has pre-built contract templates so you can easily set up client contracts and automate this process.

It supports invoicing and payment processing through Stripe and PayPal and even manages subscriptions and taxes. I was a bit concerned at first that it wouldn’t give me GBP currency; it defaults to USD, but once I updated my address information in the settings, it automatically changed to pounds.

The opportunities section features tracking leads and managing client relationships. The ability to create custom pipelines and dashboards ensures that you never miss a beat in your client interactions.

What Makes Full Scope Freelancer a Game-Changer

So the above features are great and all pretty essential to running a freelance business. However, they are pretty standard in platforms like these. What really got me excited about Full Scope Freelancer was the marketing, courses, and communities sections.

The marketing tools are impressive. Managing social media, running email campaigns, and creating affiliate links—all from one place—saves time and money. The platform’s templates and automation make these tasks even more manageable.

What’s even more impressive is how you can run your entire digital presence from this one platform. From creating websites and funnels with easy-to-use templates to running membership communities, it’s all there.

Full Scope Freelancer Review - Website and Funnel Builder Interface
Build and host your entire website, landing page, and funnel sequences

You can even build and host your online courses, which when you consider the cost of Full Scope Freelancers ($35/month), is insane when other course platforms like Kajabi and Thinkific average around $99+ per month, without all these other features!

These more high-level features are what make Full Scope Freelancer so cost-effective. It literally eliminates the need for multiple software subscriptions.

Build and host courses – ready-made templates to make course creation easy!

What I Didn’t Like About Full Scope Freelancer

It can’t be perfect, right? Well, no it’s not, but it’s pretty close! What’s missing, for me, is the integration with your bank (But I accept this is probably a logistical nightmare!). If, like me, you use accounting software such as Xero, you’ll probably be linked to your business bank account. This means money coming in and out of the business is automatically fed into your Xero account.

This makes it quick and easy to track expenses and income. Providing reports so you can see your financial overview, run accounts and get your figures for self-assessment tax returns.

I imagine for software like Full Scope Freelancer, getting links to bank accounts is going to be another level, so I understand why this wouldn’t be an integration feature. So you’ll need to keep your accounting software, but it’s potentially the only other business cost you’ll have!

What Does Full Scope Freelance Cost

If you’ve been paying attention, I’ve already mentioned this! But, to be clear Full Scope Freelancer is a mere $35 per month (that’s less the £30!), or $349 for the year (works out at $29 per month).

The value is truly impressive when you consider what you’d be saving on other tools if you integrated everything under this one roof. I’ve pinched their graphic to really help demonstrate the value!

How Do You Get Started With Full Scope Freelancer

Firstly, give it a try; by using this link, you’ll get an extended 30-day free trial – which is great because two weeks is never enough time to get using a tool like this properly.

It’s pretty user-friendly to set up, and they provide loads of help and tutorials to make sure you get your head around everything.

You will need to give yourself some time to set things up. I would dedicate a few hours to get the basics done and have a good explore, then start moving things across and integrating as you go. Don’t overwhelm yourself because you may never get around to doing it. Allocate some time, it’ll be worth it!

Final Thoughts

I think Full Scope Freelancer have really delivered what they say: you really can do everything under one roof! Its interface is easy to navigate, looks good, and with their help and tutorials, there’s nothing you won’t be able to do!

Using software like this can really help you speed up and grow your freelance business, so I would highly recommend giving it a try. Don’t forget to take advantage of the 30-day extended free trial!

If you do give it a try, why not let me know in the comments on my YouTube review what you thought, I’d love to know!

Happy playing!

If this feels a little overwhelming and you prefer a more simple spreadsheet approach, you might like my Freelancer Starter Kit!

Full disclosure: I sometimes use affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you buy via my link. It won’t affect what you pay, and I only recommend tools I’ve tried or a trusted source recommends.

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